An Easy WRPT

10 04 2017


A local Amber Alert flashed during the Masters yesterday.

Two “Asian men” with Spanish names abducted a girl from Kansas City and were thought to be headed east back to their home in the D.C. suburbs.  Strangely, Oxon Hill, Maryland is really bellcurvey, and a lot of dinduey shit pops off there.

Since they were thought to be going east, the thought was that their hooptee could be made somewhere in St. Louis.

As luck would have it, the magic happened in Wentzville.  The girl was recovered, and one of the kidnappers was cuffed.  The other one was already further down the road, but he must have heard that the whole plot fell apart back near St. Louis, so he turned himself in in Columbus, Ohio.

When I first saw the Amber scroll, I saw “Asian men” and Spanish surnames, and the only option was Filipino.





5 responses

10 04 2017
Alex the Goon

They need to create separate categories of Amber Alerts, if I’m to ever enable that shit on my phone. White Girl Missing (check). Divorced Parental Custody Abduction (fuck off). Vibrant Kid Missing (fuck right off).

10 04 2017

The vibrants bitch about how the “wyte media” never cover missing vibrant girls like they cover missing white girls. Ironically, a few weeks ago, the vibrants tried to make an unusual epidemic out of what was actually not so in D.C.

10 04 2017
Alex the Goon

The weekly junkmail packet has for a couple years now, featured a Missing Children ad (milk sales must be down). I always chuckle at the chick who ran away at 15 or 16, but whose age-progressed photo at 35 depicts her as a healthy, well-groomed soccer mom. I wonder if the National Center For Expoitation’s software has a subroutine for the crack & cock carousel, or if they just opt never to use it.

10 04 2017

God-damned non-Caucasians. Not one of them worth a damn.

15 04 2017

News4 has removed her name and photo because she is now a victim of a crime.

News4 has removed her name and photo because she is a white victim of non-white crime and it is the policy of the news industry to cover such crime up in support of diversity.

Fixed it for ’em.

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