PR Weak

10 04 2017


PR Weak (sic), the lamest trade publication going, used last week’s issue to gush all over United’s CEO.




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10 04 2017

Trump should have waited a few days, he wouldn’t have needed Tomahawks.

11 04 2017

Asian disadvantage- if this had been a strong black woman, United would be out of business this morning.
On the flip side, the white female narrator was kind of annoying. I would have preferred a black woman screaming ‘don’t do him like that!’

11 04 2017

* Blaming a paying customer (contra the Marshall Fields Doctrine)

* Claiming that the people-draggers were following company policy (dragging people like maniacs is company policy?)

* Lying that the passenger tried to get onto the plane illicitly when he made it in legitimately and was in his seat (as if the truth of this matter, like everything else these days, wasn’t recorded from at least 8 different angles by 8 different people wiff dey sail foams)

How long will it be before PR Weak recalls last week’s issue?

As for what Munoz should have done, I’ll write another comment here a little later today.

11 04 2017

The flight was from Chicago to Louisville. Would have been quicker and (as it turned out) far less of a hassle to drive.

11 04 2017

I’ve also been wondering if United’s either in-house PR staff or outsourced PR firm has been out to lunch. But even if they are jumping up and down, Munoz is drunk over all the praise he got last week that he thought he could do no wrong.

Also, I’m of the opinion that PR Weak isn’t about PR in as much as it is PR, or rather, in my never so humble opinion, barely disguised payola.

11 04 2017

My biggest fan suggested:

United PR need merely “place” a series of videos of their rivals’ staffers behaving badly towards customers in major media outlets, and the “Oh, isn’t United awful?” story will quickly blur into a generic, “Oh, aren’t the airlines all awful?” story.

It’s the Billy Madison pee-pants strategy. Problem is, when you smell like shit, and you throw shit in other people’s faces to make them smell as bad as you do, you still smell like shit.

11 04 2017

And now that we know who he is, the yellow lobby is blaming racism and Trump.

The facts of the matter (and not just this one) are swinging my needle back toward the middle, but the problem is, as I know, optics are way more powerful than words. Munoz can think he can sit back and wait for the truth to catch up to the hoopla, but that still doesn’t change the fact that the bad optics of the photos and videos are out there, and Munoz has flunked badly.

11 04 2017
Alex the Goon

So in addition to being raciss, United are homophobes as well? Turrible. The guy probably has eaten dogs and cats too, but (a) United didn’t know that, (b) it’s none of their business, and (c) he was still a paid customer.

11 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Don’t make a Big Fucking Deal man. That guy isn’t diversity. Oriental is worse than White nowadays. He’s not brown or dumb enough to be a Big Fucking Deal.

12 04 2017
14 04 2017

I know I’ll have to pay off that promise to write here how I would have handled the PR.

18 04 2017

Okay, how would I have handled this?

The pie-in-my-own-face strategy.

Take all the fault, all the blame.

This way, when the truth would have finally got its boots on and started out the door, it doing so and being spread by other sources (but not by me) would not have come off as a big corporation picking on just some one somebody nobody.

The photos and videos already existed, and no words could ever beat them. If I had the choice, I would concede every word ever written for total lockdown control of the photo and video stream, eight days out of seven every week. Once the bad optics got out, United lost, and lost permanently.

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