Timing Is Everything

10 04 2017

Twin Falls, Idado

I watched, or rather, jumped up and down like a fool, at yesterday’s finish at the Masters, which made my prediction yesterday morning come true.

I shut it off after a certain Spaniard started wearing green, so I missed 60 Minutes.  A few hours later, I got a message that my boy Hamdi was on.  So I found it later on and watched the segment.

For what I’m thinking, this is a PR stunt, pre-recorded awhile back, and then held back until what everyone knew was the impending dispensation of the criminal case against the rapefugee boys in Twin Falls.  Once that happened, and it did this past week, haul out this segment the following Sunday, as a PR counterweight.  Notice this story does not mention the rape at all.

Also don’t forget about my ongoing subversive activism.




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