I Thought He Croaked (But No Such Luck)

11 04 2017


I’m referring to the dork in Orlando with a fax machine.

Notice how Breitbart is playing this off, they’re trying to cause an intersectional wreck in Downtown NCAAville, crashing I’m Blickety Blackety Black Y’all against World War T.  Which only goes to prove, contra Barbie, that social justice, and not math, is what’s really hard.

That said, now I think why the NCAA is really circling the wagons around this transgender mess — I think it’s because the more the scream about transgenders, which will put them in the good graces of gay men in the media, as plain ole regular Gs are so defensive of Ts that it comes off as personal, the working theory is that a whole lot of Gs seriously ponder going T, the more the NCAA thinks that the media will ignore the dork’s faxes.




3 responses

11 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

You keep missing the Central Point, QD. Either that or you don’t want to mention it. The Crazy Quilt is unraveling. Free shit is getting scarce and the unraveling is beginning to become noticeable. I imagine its being reported to make people see it before the obvious issue of Free Shit is running out is noticeable. These cretins never really liked each other, but without the Freebies they’re gonna fight. They’re trying to point it out BEFORE Whites can see that Free Shit was the thing holding this Rainbow of Hate together.
There was no KKKrazy glue. That was gaslighting man. It was Free Shit all along. Free Shit was the glue holding their Crazy Quilt together.

11 04 2017

I hate to spoil your trip, but there’s one of these new World War T battles breaking out at the high school in Washington.

11 04 2017

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