While the Blogmeister Is Away, the Danforths Shall Play

11 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

In an unidentified major city west of the Mississippi River.

I don’t like these rumors that are making their way to my eyeballs.

John Danforth hearts Josh Hawley, and is thinking about wielding muscle to shove him up the chute to challenge Claire next year?

Remember, the only other corporeal individual I cast an affirmative vote for other than the OCGE last current year was Hawley, mainly because on the August ballot, his name wasn’t Kurt Schaefer, and on the November ballot, we needed someone in the state AG office to do the work that Kim Gardner won’t.  Plain words, I voted Hawley because I thought he was the polar opposite of the Danforths.

On top of that, Hawley just became AG, and really hasn’t made much of a mark yet.  If he winds up running, then he will in essence have to check out of the AG’s office by this fall.




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