Fire in the Hole

14 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Sometimes, you find help where you least expect it.

The undisclosed metropolitan area where I’m perched this week on business understandably has very few LCMS churches.  There are plenty to be found back home, and surrounding states, but very few otherwise.  Nevertheless, there do happen to be four in this area, and I went to one of them for Good Friday services this morning.  I surmised before hand, and being there confirmed my guess, that LCMS churches in this area service mostly ex-St. Louisan Lutherans who moved here for jobs or business pursuits.  That’s probably the way it is for all LCMS churches outside its core geography.  A status marker for Lutheran ex-STLers.

After church?  I had an early afternoon tee time at a relatively new course around here.  The guy in the area who was going to be my partner had to back out because he was hospitalized yesterday.  So I thought I would have to play alone.  Well, the good news is that I found someone in very short order to go out with me.  (Er, that didn’t come out right.)  He is, as he called himself, “the assistant to the club pro.”  Right away, I caught his verbal sleight of hand, with the words “to the,” and I knew what it meant, which he ‘fessed up to when I pressed him.  He couldn’t call himself an “assistant club pro” unless he was actually a “pro,” in that he does have or once had a tour card for either the PGA Tour or the second-tier tour, whose name slash corporate sponsorship seems to change every few years, though it was called the Nike Tour not so long ago.  And, as I figured with his slick extra words in his self-appellation, he has never had a tour card.  Though he’s been trying real hard to make at least the minor league tour, but it’s been a “missed it by that much” deal when he went to Q-school the last few times.

He is, however, by far the best golfer I’ve ever gone out with.  (Er, that didn’t come out right.)  And, in spite of this area’s near perfect weather today and that it was a day that some people had off for GF, the course was unusually non-busy, and had quite a few cancellations of previously scheduled tee times.  Assistant didn’t have shit else to do, so I guess he figured why not play with this schmuck?

Idle chit chat over some 7,100 yards started on one thing and led to another and then another, and we wound up on Chobani and Twin Falls.  He told me he’s got a close relative that owns a few quickie marts, and he’ll chat him up about ending their relationship with the local Chobani distributor and not stocking the Official Yogurt of Child Rape any longer.  He gave me his number in case he needs me for backup, though he thinks he can convince said relative to do so all by himself.

He finished -6 real par, and I finished -2 my par, though since triple bogey is my par, I feel better putting it in those terms.




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16 04 2017

It all adds to the winning.

16 04 2017

The (((NFL))), like any other jew-run sports league, wants to make money. Not too much money to be made when evil YT is too afraid to attend games at their stadium in downtown Mogadishu and run the risk of being shot in the spine and paralyzed like that one poor evil YT two years ago. Of course, LA is not a great alternative. Where are they going to play? In a stadium in down-town Beverly Hills that uses The Paper-Bag Test to determine admission?

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