Fearless White Girl

15 04 2017


You’ve head about the hoopla.

And now you’re coming to me for the hot angle that seemingly nobody else has thought of.

Why must Fearless Girl be a white girl?  Remember, social justice.  The statue isn’t truly social justice-y because she’s not L’Booshondraniqua.  Because social justice.

And what’s with this oppressive cishetnormativity of having her wear a dress ?

We know the real reason why Fearless Girl looks like any given eight-year old daughter of the kind of people that work around there.  It’s because the sculptor wants to make those kind of people feel guilty, she wants to make the unproblem of the Wall Street executive gender gap and glass ceiling a personal one for those who work around there and pass by there every day.  Exceedingly few of them would have a daughter that looks like Jumarshwellah.




7 responses

15 04 2017

Absolutely, the first time I saw a picture of it I thought it was one of those statues in Denmark based on some children’s book character I’d never heard of.

15 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

This is the Perfect Symbol for Feminism and Gynosupremacy. Haven’t you ever thought of these empowered lardos as a bunch of silly little girls standing in the way of profitability and financial success? I know I have.
If our Civilization crumbles, this statue could probably explain to Future Archaeologists how our society crumbled into smoldering ruins.

15 04 2017
Rev. Right

“A monument to the suicidal hubris of modern women and their inability to discern their actual abilities vs. their inflated egos.”

16 04 2017

Some wag needs to put a weave or huge Afro wig on that statue. Black afros matter.

23 04 2017
Dr Duke

Having grown up around cattle “fearless” is not the word that comes to mind. How much you want to bet in a few years this area is a veritable museum full of statues?
Fearless black girl, fearless tranny, fearless fat girl, fearless homos having butt sex, fearless refugee, fearless beaner fearless hijab girl. The possibilities are endless.

30 05 2017
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