Remember, You Were Thirteen Once

15 04 2017


The story has been making the rounds in our sector for the last few days.

The temptation in my sphere is to hone in on race.  In other sectors, some will preen about guns, or Faceberg Live, the latter being a metaphor for easily accessible instant live video streaming on social media, even if it’s not the one that Mark Zuckerbook gives you.

I’m riding in a different direction on this one, different from not only my sphere, but the standard fares.

A piece of human wisdom known since ancient times is that young men, especially those of the times of immediate postpubescence, do risky stupid things which often get themselves killed.

The essence of puberty in boys is when the pituitary gland, acting on both DNA hard wiring and external environmental stimuli, one day send a message to the nuts:  “Let’s get it, man, let’s go!”  Nuts start pumping a whole lot of T around the body, including frying a brain that is nowhere near hard wired. What happens when you combine a hormone known for risk taking with a brain that’s immature? Right.

This has been understood for so long, and some European countries have kept mortality statistics for so long, that it’s not hard for researchers to figure out in a given year generally speaking when boys reached spermarche, by analyzing the “mortality bump” of a sudden spike of the mortality rate among boys in the teenage years. Furthermore, comparing this among years, decades, centuries, we can tell from that that the average age of male spermarche has decreased by four years in the two centuries from 1800 to 2000.

Yes, he was black, had a gun, and had to do the looksatme on Faceberg Live. But the circumstances could have just as easily been white, skateboard, tall buildings.

You show me a man who says he never did anything both unilaterally and risky at the age of 13 or thereabouts which could have gotten him killed, and I’ll show you a liar.




3 responses

15 04 2017

Almost forgot.

15 04 2017
Nicholas Stix

Boys being boys, huh?

16 04 2017

OLFF. One less future felon.

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