The Truth Always Goes Like This

15 04 2017

Portland, Oregon

The former chairman and half the membership (“I see what you did there”) of the Multnomah County, Ore. Republican Party writes an op-ed in the Oregonian about Portland’s rotten official relationship with the WWC.


The truth goes like this: In 1985 Portland annexed the unincorporated areas east of 82nd Avenue, the heart of the city’s working class. Then, for 30 years, local leadership systematically deprived East Portland of services, turning it into a dumping ground for Portland’s problems, a resettlement zone for the poor and the powerless – minorities and immigrants, Hispanics, Asians, eastern Europeans. These are the people with whom liberals identify as long as they can avoid living next to them.

The truth goes like that because the truth always goes like that.  The modern left is nothing more than the upwardly mobile to elite white or (((white))) left virtue signaling against those icky sticky yucky ducky rotten kind of white people who live in those awful places on the other side of the tracks where nary a combo yogurt bar yoga studio can be found.





2 responses

16 04 2017

Well now, the elites and the (((elites))) still want their cheap non-white house-keepers, gardeners, and laborers. Those plebeians have to live somewhere. In ancient Rome, they lived in subterranean stone cells under the masters house.

16 04 2017

BTW, when the Day of the Rope comes, and it will, it will be exhilarating to see those same elites swinging from lamp-posts and trees.

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