Two Doors

15 04 2017

College Park, Maryland


Maryland president: Would expect shutdown of UNC over academic allegations

Maryland president Wallace Loh says he would expect North Carolina to get the “death penalty” over the academic allegations that have hung over the athletic program since 2010.

“As president, I sit over a number of dormant volcanoes,” Loh said during a University of Maryland senate meeting Thursday, according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “One of them is an athletic scandal. It blows up, it blows up the university, its reputation, it blows up the president.

“For the things that happened in North Carolina, it’s abysmal. I would think that this would lead to the implementation of the death penalty by the NCAA. But I’m not in charge of that.”

A Maryland spokesperson later said in a statement that Loh’s comments were “not a reflection of personal beliefs about the university or its leadership.”

More than that, they’re not a reflection of any possible real world sanctions.

Under this reasoning, you’d have to give all of big time college football and men’s college basketball the death penalty.

They’re all doing it, even Harvard. It’s only a matter of whether a school has gotten caught or not, and that in turn is entirely a function of making sure that certain people can keep their yappers shut.

You can have enforced academic standards, or blacks on the teams, but not both.




3 responses

15 04 2017

What about members of the Igbo tribe? They seem to be the exception to the rule. Most of the Black doctors I work with are Igbo.

15 04 2017

Also, blacks who can master very high level math.

16 04 2017

Christ, when did our athletic programs get cucked to negro primitive savages? Our jew-masters sure did figure out evil YT’s sports obsession. They profit from it as the team owners, sports league commissioners, sports agents (a la Jerry Maguire), TV networks (ESPN et al), TV commentators, sports writers, college/university big-shots who make the big deals and who monetized college sports, et al. Us stupid YT goyim get our tax dollars extorted to support these “institutions of higher learning” and get to see them overwhelmed by negro savages recruited to be the moneymakers for their teams/sports. And, this phenomenon has been going on now for over two generations.

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