Easter Weekend Wrap-Up

17 04 2017


* Whoa.  Instapundit is down with the Missouri Plan Nine from Outer Space?  (At least for the Federal Appellate bench)

* This was my mother’s first school.  But that was once upon a time, a way different time.

* P-D excited that Lyda hired two former P-D employees for her mayoral staff.

* It makes perfect sense for T&C and Warson Woods to have golf cart ordinances.  But why Shrewsbury?  I didn’t know that Shrewsbury was a golf mecca around here.

* Atlanta story, but local stack, because the one and only time I was in St. Louis’s building-top rotating restaurant, I noticed that it would have been really easy for some kid to get caught in the mechanism.  Perhaps that’s why, at the time I went, you had to be at least 18 to enter.  And that was my age:  The dinner happened to be one of my high school graduation presents.

I don’t even know if St. Louis’s rotating restaurant is still even there, without looking it up.

* Congratulations.  Now that you have your sheepskin from the online high school that has the official imprimatur of a world-renowned district like the SLPS, a whole world of good high flying well paying opportunities is going to bust open in front of your faces.

* There have been any number of efforts to get rid of that tin can farm, which is a holdover from the days when that area was Gumbo and many years away from being upper middle class to new money, and the residents have been able to beat back every one.

The reason why this one might succeed is because the developers might make the pot so sweet that they’ll find it hard to turn it down.  That’s how lucrative the rental market in Chesterfield has gotten, for the reasons you read in the article.

Another issue is AFFH.  I don’t think these new higher-end apartment developments would have been approved if HRC would have won the election.

* This I did not know — Adam Wainwright could have been at Ground Zero at the fateful moment.  I even forgot that we were in the Bronx for an IL set versus the Evil Empire, which the events of the next morning canceled.


* I don’t think this was a deliberate “hit” against a judge in as much as it was garden variety (garbage variety) TNB.  What, you think Chicago/Cook judges are so tough that gang land feels the need to rub ’em out?  Shit like this happens when you live in the Wild Hundreds.


* Hm, linking Muslim immigration to FGM?  Who in the hell gave you permission to notice things?


* They need not worry.  Secret Service is going to flood the joint and have it locked down.  The special snowflakes will be plenty safe.

* What Forty-Five shares in common with One.


* Trauma which can only be mitigated by a big civil judgment payable to him, no doubt.

* I’ve heard of Holy Toledo, but not like this.

* Can we start talking about these kinds of things?  Or are they unevents because the victims are unpeople?

* This should tell you that something is very wrong when someone of Martin Altenburg’s resume and accomplishments and caliber first seriously thought that college wasn’t for him.  Personally, I think the only reason he was even accepted into all eight Ivies was because the admissions boards thought he is Jewish.  As he is from Fargo, North Dakota, he’s probably just a plain ole regular Kraut.

* Yes, they benefit from the application fees, but they also want a very high number of applications for a mathematical reason:  If they don’t increase their class size, and the elite colleges don’t, it means a steady numerator over an increasing denominator decreases the school’s acceptance rate over time, and therefore, makes it appear more elite.

* The Felon IT Department.  Not surprisingly, they used their homebrew wangs for felonious things.

* If she things English is bad, consider that the English language does not officially affix gender to nouns, though unofficially and once in awhile, in common parlance, it does.  Wait ’till she gets a load of the Romance languages.

* The good news is that the moral preening about sex, tobacco and alcohol has resulted in so many teenagers in New York to avoid them.  The bad news is that it has resulted in a new round of moral preening about too much time playing video games and too little physical exercise.  I guess we won’t be happy until every teenager has a 4.0 GPA in an all-AP course load while playing a varsity sport in all three seasons.

I wonder how the Ancient Romans complained about the adolescents of its day.


* Because UN “peacekeepers” are pretty low chattel.  The Paul Blarts of international jurisprudence.

* Another thing we can’t talk about.  For one, as the headline says, they can’t possibly be victims, because they’re supposed to be the oppressors, and for another, we’re not supposed to notice the LGBTQness of the perpetrators.


* Blogmeister seal of approval.

* Paul Oakenfold has been noteworthy in the high level universe of jocks since at least when I got old enough to get a fake ID and get into clubs.  So that alone should clue you in to how old he is.  And, for the record, he’s 53.

In spite of stunts like these to recapture his youth, middle age is still middle age.

* Ray Kursweil, call your office.

* At least they were practicing safe illegal sex.

It says that the property managers got suspicious when they found hundreds of condoms in the sewage system.  Are they that oblivious?  That’s what it took to get their dander up, when all it would have taken for me is “massage parlor.”

* We all know that there’s no such thing as a permanent rope knot.

* You can learn anything from YouTube.  OTOH, it’s a good thing that the boy has McDonalds tastes and didn’t get the fancy to drive to Tony Bommarito’s for filet mignon.

* It’s easy to think that they’re confessing to the biological reality of gender.  But it’s not going to be that easy to snark SJWs out of their social justice, because they can volley with Genderbread.



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17 04 2017

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