Pay No Mind to Those Warring Lobbies Behind the Curtain

17 04 2017

Downtown; Clayton

My good buddy Tony Messenger is back, and he has a case of the Feelz.

If only city-county merger could just happen, then everything would be social justice-y.  And also, Major League Soccer, and no more murders on the MissingLink.

If you buy that, then I also want you to buy a Golden Gate Bridge between Dogtown and Richmond Heights that I have for sale.

City-county merger won’t happen until some monied interest thinks it’s in its best interest.  Who would that be?  I’ve written it before in this space, and I guess it’s worth repeating.  If the merger happens, then the newly combined entity will have a single state-level trial level judicial circuit.  And that would eliminate the St. Louis City-only 22nd Circuit.  The insurance industry despises the 22nd, and the political vassals of the insurance industry consistently rank the 22nd as one of the country’s “worst judicial hellholes,” and their most recent ranking has it as the worst in the country.  I could imagine the insurance industry putting two and two together and coming up with the answer of “let’s make city-county merger happen,” (if they haven’t already), and then hiding their putsch behind a bunch of social justice SJW rhetoric as a front and a distraction.

Also repeating what I’ve said often, if the merger gets serious political legs, the sworn enemy of the insurance industry, the trial lawyer industry, will call up its own army.  I imagine their resistance will also be cloaked in SJW rhetoric.  When all they really want is to keep the “stick it to da man” 22nd Circuit intact.

Therefore, if and when the politics of the merger become real, we’ll be stuck in the middle of a battlefield with two monied interests merely acting in their own self-interest, while firing the weapons of confusing rhetoric and bafflegabbery across our boughs.

Now, are you sitting down?



In his op-ed, Messenger cites as an example of the good things and smooth governance and public policy that are possible in a unified city-county the CVC’s lawsuit against the NFL, because the CVC itself, and also its lawsuit against the NFL, is a joint project between the city and the county with the state’s blessing and imprimatur.

Read what I wrote four days ago about the lawsuit, then come back.

Good, you came back.  You didn’t skip out on me.

The irony of it is that this “example of the good things that are possible with regional cooperation” is being filed in the 22nd Circuit, precisely because the CVC knows it has a better chance to win with the kind of jurors that would be empaneled in a civil case in the 22nd, who also live in the city the Rams and the NFL scorned last year.  The very judicial circuit that the merger would eliminate, and with it would go “stick it to da man” juries, one of which the CVC is hoping for.




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18 04 2017
Grrlpower | Countenance Blog

[…] surprising, because she represents the neoliberal-corporatist-gentry wing of city politics, and if my theory is right, the insurance industry is going to be the straw stirring the drink for the merger, while […]

18 04 2017

Jesus H. Christ, St. Louis is one big looney bin of YT SWPL Eloi delusion and nigger dysfunction.

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