18 04 2017


I attended the inauguration this afternoon, mainly as a networking opportunity.

First off, I thought Proposition B won, because it got a simple majority.  It was the proposition that would have changed the city charter to move city elections to the August/November cycle.  I wrote “would have” because it needed 60% to happen, and it only got 53%.  So it actually failed, therefore, city elections will stay on the March/April of odd-numbered years cycle.

Other city propositions that got more yes than no votes, Prop A (merging assessor and recorder of deeds), and Prop NS (bonds for tearing down derelict buildings), actually did not pass, because A would have needed 60% and fell 0.04% short, while NS would have needed two-thirds and only got 59%.

Prop 1 got over 60% and therefore passed (sales tax for SLPD and ML study), Prop 2 got under 50% and therefore failed by any measure (soccer stadium).

Now, for the theme of today.


Darlene Green, in taking the oath for yet another term as comptroller, spoke for so long that if it would have dragged on any longer, it would taken up the entirety of Lyda Krewson’s first term.  Also, does nobody at City Hall, not the least of which Green herself, realize and remember that she was first elected as comptroller in 1993 and not 1997 as everyone kept saying?

As for now Mayor Krewson, one thing that I forgot is that her late husband wasn’t even cold in the ground yet when she latched on to Mike Owens of Channel 5, and now he’s the first gentleman of the city.  And he looks like warmed over death.  Strange, considering that Lyda did nothing but talk about the tragedy of the carjacking and murder of her first husband during the campaign.  At the end of her inaugural address, she made a dog whistle sort of endorsement of city-county merger.  Which is not surprising, because she represents the neoliberal-corporatist-gentry wing of city politics, and if my theory is right, the insurance industry is going to be the straw stirring the drink for the merger, while hiding behind SJW rhetoric in order to lure the other wing of city politics, the doctrinaire progressives, into the fold.

Krewson is already 64, so at most she’s a two-termer. She’s actually older than now former Mayor Francis Slay. So, in almost every way you can think of, she’s just a continuation of Slay, Slay’s fifth term. The only difference is that Slay has a way better natural knack for interpersonal likability and people skills.  Krewson, OTOH, if she doesn’t keep herself in check, can really be the Wicked Witch of the (Central) West (End).

St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern was also a dignitary in attendance.  That’s going to make Bob Romanik flip his lid.

Freeman Bosley, Jr. was also there.  Insert your own punchline here.



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18 04 2017

Mike Owens is something else and not in a good way.

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