The Most Dindu-y Thing Possible

18 04 2017

Erie, Pennsylvania

The dindu nutbar, on the lam for a murder he himself showed off on Faceberg Live, couldn’t resist the I’m Lovin’ It.  The french fry jockies made him, and then they called the cops.  Cops got close, he committed suicide.

Couldn’t even stay away from FUCKING MCDONALDS when you know you’re the most wanted man in the country at that point in time.

I swear to Kek, if they had brains, they’d truly be dangerous.  Thank Kek, they’re not that dangerous.



3 responses

18 04 2017

St. Peter will meet him at the Golden Arches.

18 04 2017
Alex the Goon

If they had brains, they’d be useful to society and be able to lead productive lives, and notdu nuffins like this.

19 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

Mystery meat patties, mayo-based sauce spaghetti heads ads that are cheese pickled often and nowhere near fun. Good thang deez boyz like Worldstarhippityhop or the jungle bunnies would run all Easter huh?
Bubba got smacked. I like the smack and cannot lie, I love to see em die. Bubba got smacked.

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