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19 04 2017

Leominster, Massachusetts

Why did Aaron Hernandez commit suicide?

For the record, even before watching this, I disbelieved the alt-theory that he was murdered.  However, my argument was fallacious, the argument to incredulity, in that I thought:  “Who would want him dead?  What was the compelling reason to kill him?”  He was in AdSeg, so it had to have been someone with a lot of pull to want him dead in order to make it happen, and I’m not aware of any great powerful nefarious force that cares about Aaron Hernandez.

But, it turns out there’s a really simple affirmative reason to support the contention that he did commit suicide.

If you want me to cut to the chase for you, he committed suicide because he either knew the peculiarity of Massachusetts criminal law, or someone told him, that if he dies for any reason while the case is in the appeal stage, the case is dropped and the criminal charges totally expunged from his postmortem record. What that means is that if he’s legally technically not guilty of the murder he was doing a life sentence for, it means the New England Patriots have to pay out what was the balance of his contract from the point where they stopped to his wife and daughter.

The only hitch is that I don’t know if this weird quirk of Massachusetts law would also make his estate immune from any civil action that could be levied by the victim’s family.




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20 04 2017
Alex the Goon

You’d think a guy smart enough to figure out that legal scheme, would also be smart enough to know the risk of getting caught inordinately outweighed the reward of killing some twice-removed, two-dollar ook in his life.
I also tend to think that any civil suit riding on this “loophole” would get smacked down by any judge or jury, who would rightly view the jailhouse suicide as admission of guilt.

20 04 2017

If Ken Lay’s family kept the money then I think Hernandez’s family will as well. How likely is it that his daughter and her mother would have disappeared from his life had he chosen to take the life sentence?

20 04 2017

I’d have to do some research on Lay, but I don’t know how it came to be his criminal case wound up in MA state court, or if it’s even true.

20 04 2017

Lay was in Federal Court. Many states have the same rule about final judgements.

I seem to recall Lay had moved to Florida, which might play more of a part with the interaction of bankruptcy, estate, and criminal law.

20 04 2017
David In TN

Remember Lawrence Phillips, Great Black Hope of the St. Louis Rams circa 1996? He hanged himself in prison in January 2016.

20 04 2017
21 04 2017

Can we not just accept and celebrate the fact that a sociopathic murderer is dead?

23 04 2017
Dr Duke

Reminds me of why Budd Dwyer ate a .357 slug on the evening news. Since he was still treasurer his family got his pension even though he had been found guilty. Interesting documentary on that case on YouTube. It seems to me the case against him was particularity weak.

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