Third Piece Falls

19 04 2017

Downtown West

Dotson resigning.

Lyda promised during the campaign that she wouldn’t fire him.  And I don’t think this is a de facto dismissal, in as much as it is Dotson throwing himself on the sword.  As it is, since long termers Francis Slay and Jennifer Joyce as Mayor and Circuit Attorney are both now in the political graveyard, I’m thinking Dotson thought it would be the honorable thing to do.  I did not hear any credible back channel gossip that suggested that Lyda promising to keep Dotson was merely a public front for some kind of private back room deal that was consummated today.

Bet on the next Chief being a woman, because now we have women as both Mayor and Circuit Attorney, (not to mention Comptroller).  Because, GRRLPOWER.

Dotson is only 47, so I imagine he’ll try to hook on to another law enforcement job or try his hand at politics.  He did want to run for Mayor this time around, but the Slay-Lyda Machine scared off all legitimate white contenders not named Lyda.



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