Tucker Carlson Is About to Get Yet Another New Time Slot (Killing Bill O’Reilly)

19 04 2017


Really, I could never figure out Bill O’Reilly’s allure or attraction.  To me, he was nothing more than a more telegenic less apparently unstable version of Glenn Beck — An “all over the map” whack job.

I also think that O’Reilly’s real crime against humanity was his “Killing (_______)” book series.



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19 04 2017

Your right, but he has that boomer audience by the throat, all the ones I know watch him religiously. He was the best thing on FNC, before TC came along, but that’s not saying a whole lot. I imagine he’ll land somewhere else (if he wants to), i’d guess 75% of his audience will follow him. The only time I watch any TV news is when I’m with boomers.

19 04 2017

He’s 67, and after this, any fire in his furnace will probably peter out. I bet he’ll ride into the sunset with his bags of money.

19 04 2017

My guess would be he sets up an online only version of his show for his loyal premium members. They are already paying him every month for not much in exclusive content and a “free” book each year. I doubt he ever has a show on TV again, but he ego is too big to let him ride off into the sunset.

19 04 2017
Alex the Goon

Nobody’s going to pay for that. He’d do better with a Yootoob channel, if they don’t ban him from ad revenue.

20 04 2017

These people are already paying him and getting next to nothing for it. It would make sense that he would try to expand the content for them and try to add more subscribers. If he is ready to walk away then he will probably wind the whole thing down, but I doubt he will do that.


19 04 2017
David In TN

O’Reilly’s is the target of a flurry of sexual harassment suits.

20 04 2017

That Glenn Beck shol’iz unstable.

21 04 2017

He was an entertainer. A typical, I-need-applause/adulation celebrity. He started out on that stupid “Entertainment Tonight” celebritard show from the 80’s. He even had 80’s hair. He had no convictions and went where ever he saw the wind blowing. Did you know that he attended Harvard? He never let anyone forget that. Useless.

26 04 2017
Autumn Cote

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