Dindu Murders Mudshark Because Wigger

21 04 2017


And that’s how I cut to the chase.




5 responses

21 04 2017

A dead mud-shark and picanniny, and a nog who will get the needle. Winning!

22 04 2017

Are there more of these stories now, or we just noticing them more?

If the first, are we seeing the economic and cultural strains hitting?

22 04 2017
Anonymous White Male

Except there is no death penalty in Wisconsin. So he’ll get free, taxpayer subsidized room and board for life. Or until he is paroled.

22 04 2017

Eminem’s 2010 track Space Bound not only explains the motive behind the slayings, it totally justifies them. If Dindu’s lawyer plays this track for any Jury, he’ll be found not only not guilty but justified & eligble for an EBT bonus deal

22 04 2017

You probably have to play the record backward like Helter Skelter.

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