Smile Into a Frown

22 04 2017


What’s with all the establishment hysteria over MLP’s chances all of a sudden?

I think one of two things are at work:


(1)  They actually think she can win the whole bag of marbles, and are starting to panic,


(2) They know their conventional wisdom is right, that she’ll make the runoff but only get 35-40% in the runoff, is correct, and are deliberately overselling her in order to create grounds and a pretext for gloating when that happens.




5 responses

22 04 2017

Even if she wins the votes, she still needs enough of the right people to stand up to implement her polices(and it goes without saying that they have to be the right ones). Here in the US Trump won, and the rank and file were quite willing to implement America first. But for him backing off on that…

She may win the vote, but win or lose 35-40% of French, probably more than half of actual French at this point, want their country back.

22 04 2017

Say she makes runoff and gets 35% there. That would still almost double her percentage take from 2012 (which wasn’t enough to get her into the runoff), which in turn was the record percentage for votes for an FN Presidential candidate.

22 04 2017

policies* blah.

23 04 2017
Alex the Goon

Maybe they’re trying to keep alive their Trumpitler Hysteria, now that it’s been doused over here.

23 04 2017
Mountain from a Hundred Miles | Countenance Blog

[…] of the media are parroting this “shocking” line this afternoon makes me think about what I wrote here yesterday.  In light of both things, I am now going with a derivative of my second theory.  What I mean is […]

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