District in a Poke

23 04 2017

Jefferson City

I heard the General Assembly was working on more banal tweaks to the Turner law, instead of what they really should be doing, repealing the Turner law.

The House passed a bunch of tweaks that would change the disaccreditation process to a per-school process instead of a per-district process.  Meaning that if a given school within a district loses its accreditation, its students would have to be transferred to accredited schools within the same district, and if those slots are full, or so many schools within a district lose their accreditation, then they can transfer to another district per the original provisions of the Turner law.

The Senate’s version of this legislative package is different, and if they pass different bills, then it will have to go to conference to iron out the differences, and then to second chamber votes.  There’s not even a month left in the session, so my bet is that no bill will make it to Greitens’s desk by May 19.

The problem with the House version is that I don’t see how the whole could be much different from the sum of its parts, and vice versa, in matters like these.  To put it another way, if some schools in a given district are bad and some are okay, then the okay schools will statistically cover for the bad ones in the district’s average, meaning the district wouldn’t lose its accreditation.  If a district does lose its accreditation, it has to mean that almost every if not every one of its schools are bad, and therefore, under the new system proposed in the House bill, almost all if not every one of the district’s individual schools would lose their creds, and then at that point, we’ll be back to square one, as they’ll have to transfer out of district.




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