Mountain from a Hundred Miles

23 04 2017


“Shocking,” that MLP made the runoff.

Yes, it’s shocking, unless you’ve been paying attention to the race and the polling data for the last handful of months.

That so much of the media are parroting this “shocking” line this afternoon makes me think about what I wrote here yesterday.  In light of both things, I am now going with a derivative of my second theory.  What I mean is that they kept saying MLP will make the runoff for months, thinking she wouldn’t, and perhaps having scientific polling to back it up.  They did that so that when she didn’t make the runoff, they’d have grounds to gloat and beat their chest about people souring on the FN and popnat parties.

But MLP did make the runoff, therefore, they’re shocked.




One response

23 04 2017

lol, the squalid Frogs aka cheese eating surrender monkeys, killed Jean D’Arc, now they’ll kill Marine Le Pen. They would rather kill themselves & their children’s futures than be thought of as so un-hip as to vote for the only one prepared to fight for their very very old blood lines & culture

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