Sunday Wrap-Up

23 04 2017


* And that’s how we pass the buck, and avoid having to discuss something taboo.

* Her legacy in a world with her no longer a part of it will be that all the cameras that her estate have purchased will help the cops catch blacks who will then get slaps on the hand from the Circuit Attorney and the judges of the 22nd Circuit.

* It’s as easy as this:  Security guard abuses his power to get sloppy toppy from shoplifters.

* Doesn’t his mugshot just scream “I just murdered my own brother?”


* And hence, the Alt-Right.

* To be honest, most actual professionals in the field aren’t that much better.  Which speaks to the unconstitutionally complex (substantive due process) complexity of income taxation laws.

* Why do the words “Cliven Bundy” come to mind after reading this story?

* Uh oh, massive wreck at the intersectionality of sustainability and appropriation.

* Now you know why “Antifa” thrives in Berkeley.  It’s because just about every mature adult with some kind of political, cultural or social power either is part of them or agrees with them.

* You’d think all-men colleges wouldn’t face criticism at all.  If there were more of them, then all the evil Haven Monahan rapists would have their own schools, and they wouldn’t be terrorizing the other schools.


* We’re supposed to be outraged, but remember my standard retort whenever this non-news is news:  These are nothing more than enhanced street gangs.  If American domestic law enforcement and the criminal justice system did not sorta keep the bloods and crips in check, they would in short order evolve into these kinds of outfits.

* How many Brits does it take to change a light bulb?

* Looking at someone the wrong way is racism.  Not looking at someone at all is racism.


* All praise due to Kek.

* I must be turning into a real ornery bastard, because my hot reaction after reading this was:

“Is the golf course okay?”

* It being Atlanta, I would have used a different flag.

* Well why not?  They build dams, don’t they?

* I didn’t even need to read past the title to know that Belichick’s use of white wide receivers was going to come up.  But I did read the whole thing, and not surprisingly, Richard Spencer was mentioned.  Surprisingly, so was the dork in Orlando with a fax machine, who poured cold water all over Strauss’s silly clickbait.

* “This was 2002. Before internet culture, before the iPhone, before video ubiquity. “Viral” still meant disease.”

I happened to be alive and very coherent in 2002.  There was no internet culture in 2002?  Nothing went viral on the internet in 2002?  Sure, the Web 2.0 era has not dawned, non-CrackBerry smartphones were still a few years away, and YouTube in between.  Even then, there were still plenty of streaming video opportunities on the web.



2 responses

23 04 2017
Alex the Goon

pass the buck – Opioid addicts sue St.Clair County for outlawing heroin, forcing them to buy more expensive #fakeheroin from Big Pharma.
Ruth Howard’s legacy – would be better, if each camera was mounted on an AI-controlled gun.
desert tortoises – This was “a thing” 25 years ago, too. Back then, though, the Marines simply ran their tests in the less-tortoisey part of the desert.
Women ruining all-male colleges – If they’d waited until current year, rather than 2011, to do this, they could have just counseled the females to de-cis on the app form.
U.N. troubled by Burundi rape squads – No problem. Sprinkle them on our Magic Dirt. That’ll wash the rape right outta them.
It being Atlanta – Does KFC have a flag? But really, how many Those Peoples attend baseball games, even in Atlanta?

25 04 2017
Dr Duke

I know the main reasoning behind St Clair county’s lawsuit is hopes of a fast settlement and easy payday. The ironic thing is if they get their way and make it even harder for people in pain to get relief legally they will push more people to heroin.

Has anyone ever come across this alternate universe where Dr’s hand out high octane opiates “like candy”?

That has never been my experience even back before Hillbilly heroin was a thing.

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