If Anyone Knows

24 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Am I it on a stick when it comes to St. Louis-based and at least partially focused Alt-Right nodes?




5 responses

24 04 2017

I don’t know of anyone else. Gateway Pundit, but he’s not alt right.

24 04 2017

I’m not aware of anyone else putting out content. I will say I’ve noticed probably since the beginning of the Ferguson riots more racially aware talk from whites in bars and around social events where people feel completely among friends and safe.

24 04 2017

Getting this type of local news at all for anywhere is fairly difficult.

27 04 2017

Gateway Pundit is very jew-dumb

27 04 2017

There’s not just one Gateway Pundit anymore. There are many authors of posts over there.

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