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24 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Within a 75 minute time span this afternoon, two different people lodged two different complaints against my writing style.

One said that I’m not boring enough, that I’d have a bigger audience if I was not given to colorful metaphor.  (Not quite in those words, but that’s the gist of it.)  The other one said that I must be on staff at Oxford University because he was confused about my rhetorical conveyance.  (Again, not exact words.)  I had to respond to this one by noting that while Oxford’s American English volume is my go-to dictionary for both printed and online (*), that’s the extent of my relationship with the school.

If you’ve ever wanted to bitch about my writing style, be my guest in the comment thread.  You might as well get it done and over with, after all, today seems to be the day ordained in the stars for people to do that.  While I have relatively thick skin, the other side of the coin is that I suffer from having a good memory.  “Suffer,” because it means I remember things I really need to forget, and eternally sulk over them.  I am for the rest of this day arresting my ability to be offended at anything, being sure to read me my own Miranda rights — Otherwise, this star-crossed day is going to get the better of your ever-lovin’ blogmeister.

(*) – While Merriam-Webster has moral cache for Americans because it is on the business lineage of the life and work of Noah Webster himself, its definitions have been getting too political for my tastes lately.




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24 04 2017

Style, schmyle, who cares. You are a font of info I otherwise wouldn’t be aware of. Well, as long as you don’t end sentences with prepositions.

24 04 2017

You seem to strike a good balance between lucidity and humor. Kind of Asimov-ish. Keep it up :)

24 04 2017
Just Another Idiot

I agree that this site provides a lot of info not readily available elsewhere (not to mention the “take” on it). As for the writing style, I’ve never found it hard to follow, and who minds the occasional snark?

But one thing I’ve always noticed: the collections of links to external news items that take the form of obscure comments that only make sense when you click the link. Life’s too short to take the time to click on links when you have no idea what it is and/or whether you care about it. Yeah, I know it takes a nano-second to click the link, but that’s a nano-second I could be spending doing something I know I want to do. I understand the humor value of presenting the links that way, but it does undercut their value as links (in my opinion, at least).

Minor carping aside, the site is useful and amusing overall. I understand the thing about being thin-skinned, so don’t take the minor complaint (too much) to heart and keep up the good work!

24 04 2017

You’re talking about my Sunday Wrap-Up posts.

I collect links through the week, and write real blog posts about the ones that interest me or I have something at least relatively extensive to say. On Sunday, whatever I have left over, stuff that I was interested in but I couldn’t quite make into a real post, I’ll clear out in the wrap-up post.

24 04 2017

You and my father would either come to be really good friends or really bitter enemies, that’s how similar you two are.

24 04 2017

* Dry humor
* Driving
* Memetic
* Tabloidy
* Propagandic

Other words I’ve heard from others to describe my writing style.

24 04 2017
John Vawter

My wife used to describe my humor as “dry”, while hers was more “damp”.

24 04 2017

My Mississippi public school education likes your style

25 04 2017

Send anyone who doesn’t like your writing over to me at MPC, we’ll have a nice chat about it. :)

25 04 2017

I like your style. I even like the cryptic acronyms, which were jarring at first. I think acronyms, and jargon in general, the wryness, and yes the humor are what makes the Maul-Right the smartest movement in the room.

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