The World Versus Aldi

24 04 2017

Bentonville, Arkansas

“Wal-Mart lowers prices to take on Aldi”

Doesn’t that sentence seem a little weird to you?

“Queen competes with street harlot for affection of man”

There must really be something wrong with the economy if the most well known and obvious retailer of inferior goods in the food and grocery business is the dog, and the world’s biggest retailer is the tail.




4 responses

24 04 2017

Walmart has some problems of its own, and some people may simply not be shopping there out of principle.

26 04 2017
Joshua Sinistar

China Mart is a grocery store now man. That cheap plastic crap is sitting around gathering dust. That great story about Free Trade and Cheap Labor making everyone Rich, turned out JUST LIKE ROSS THE BOSS SAID IT WOULD. You can listen to “experts”, but Businessmen like Perot made a fortune, and these cardboard credential “experts” NEVER RAN SHIT.

30 04 2017
dale gribble

Aldi figured out the SJW cause du jour,paying everyone the “Living wage” means only a couple employees staffing the entire store

7 06 2017
The Triparte Retail Economy | Countenance Blog

[…] market share.  I suppose Amazon had no choice but to respond somehow.  We also know that Wal-Mart has declared war on Aldi, and if Aldi ever reciprocates, they’ll probably have to do it by getting rid of the […]

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