Just Dig a Little Deeper

27 04 2017

Birmingham, Alabama

While the new school district would be majority white, it wouldn’t be universally white.  My guess is that it will be in the 20-30% black range, in terms of students.

And that’s the key not only to understanding this story, but why the Federal judge ruled the way she did, in spite of her political snark.

The 20-30% blacks would be middle class or higher, from black parents of middle class or higher income and social status, who want to make sure their kids’ school district is one where it is guaranteed that they’ll go to school with mostly white kids, and no chance of being bused to slum with the black undertow.  They’re the real straw stirring this drink, and they provided political cover for the white parents of the newly formed Gardendale district (“See?  No racism!”), who want the same thing, and also the aforementioned pretext for the judge.




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27 04 2017
The Gentle Grizzly

Count: I just read a lot of the comments to the article. Dear me… The accusations of racism flow like water! What I pick up from the tone of the comments:

1) Many of these people have never been to the South, much less Birmingham.

2) Their entire perception of the South comes from television.

3) They live in neighborhoods where their schools have a very low black student percentage.

4) They are blind “nice white people” (meaning nice white ladies of both sexes).

5) A combination of 1 through 4.

27 04 2017

Predictably, the local NAACP et al. are beside themselves.

There’s a very practical reason for their anxiety.

It’s easy to claim that their opposition is purely based on ideology.

But I think it’s as easy to explain as this:

NAACP chapters’ membership and leadership are mostly comprised of local black preachers. And these black preachers have congregations that are full of black people, esp. black women, and one of the major employers of these black women is the local major urban public school district.

If this thing in Birmingham plays out like this article claims it could, then the Jefferson County school district will only consist of the worst ghetto and the worst black undertow of Birmingham. This will obviously result in a bad scoring district when it comes to test scores. Not to mention the blackboard jungle environment. Then there are the district’s horrible finances. It means state takeover, and massive layoffs of district teachers, employees, support staff, bureaucrats.

Remember, those that would be laid off go to churches whose black preachers double as NAACP leaders.

27 04 2017

It’s why Messenger and the like are not only calling for a unified STL County and City, they are also calling for a unified School District. Lump in the failing STL school district and the north county ones with Ladue, Clayton, Kirkwood, Parkway, Lindbergh et al. One big happy family.

29 04 2017

We need a new challenge to the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court ruling. We can call it White vs Board of Education. It can be a simple brief and simply stated– We do not want our children going to school with niggers.

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