Mayor Wants Forensic Accounts to Find Out Who Kilt Pookie and Ray-Ray

27 04 2017


Read all about it.

What does Mayor Pugh expect the FBI to be able to do? The FBI does not get involved in what is stereotypically considered garden variety street crime. Even if there’s a Federal law violation to ordinary street crime, the local PD refers the files directly to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the area, and that doesn’t involve the FBI at all. Such as it is, a majority of the FBI’s work involves forensic accounting. I don’t think forensic accountants will be much good in trying to figure out what happened between Ray-Ray, Pookie, Skillet, Hambone and Shitavious.

No way. That city threw a lit match of the pool of gasoline called the black undertow and then turned around and neutered its own beat cops, and, to nobody’s surprise, homicides are way up.

Really, we know what’s going on:  She needs to put on appearances like she’s doing something and she cares, when she knows it’s a meaningless stunt.




7 responses

27 04 2017

Also note in the article she’s playing the same bullshit canard of “not enough cops” that we’re always fed.

27 04 2017
David In TN

And “calling in the FBI” makes a good sound bite.

27 04 2017
Alex the Goon

It’d be more fitting for Baltimore to hire a group of witch doctors and voodoo priestesses to figger it out. Maybe add a santeria chicken plucker, to round out the diversity.

27 04 2017

I like how everybody understands —- even some Blacks —- that not having a man in the home is what causes black juvenile delinquency, gang membership and, eventually, black crime. So what does Baltimore and now St. Louis do? Elect women mayors so that there is an “absent father” all the way up to the top.

27 04 2017

Problem is, any man that Baltimore and St. Louis could elect as mayor is just as bad politically.

27 04 2017
Alex the Goon

It doesn’t follow, that having a POS male around the house (which in Baltimore, would be 99% guaranteed in 65% of the homes) would result in a better upbringing of the kids.

29 04 2017

The conclusion is that it is evil rayciss YT’s fault for fleeing Baltimore and taking dem tax-dollars for dem programs wif dem. Oh stewardess, I speak jive.

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