The Week I Wish Had Not Been (But Was Anyway)

28 04 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I was thrice falsely accused of things this week:

(1) I was accused of being the secret identity behind a marginal YouTube personality; The accuser’s evidence was that our voices sound so much alike. In reality, this YouTuber’s voice is better than mine.

(2) I was accused of hoisting coffee from the company stockpile. It took a few days, but the colleague of mine who was actually doing it was caught red handed. I suppose the reason I was suspected is because I’m a bean head, and the stolen coffee is expensive and exotic.

(3) My landlord accused me of busting a lock to an apartment I don’t live in and at a time when I was on the road.

In better news, on the drive home from Kansas City, I stopped by the public library in Warrenton, because the public library district that serves Warren and Franklin Counties jointly is having a yuge bigly kick ass sale on books and what not, a buck for hardcovers and two for a buck for softs. I found some pretty good finds.

But, then? Tomorrow, the sky is going to open up, so no golf for Blogmeister tomorrow. If it’s going to rain as much as they say it will, then it might be a good idea for me to stay off the beaten paths, as many of them will become rivers. If it’s that bad, I just might have to figure out how long a cubit is.

If you have anything you want to accuse me of falsely, now is the time.




5 responses

28 04 2017

Sounds like you’ve been let down by that magical priviledge this week. Don’t feel bad…me, too.

28 04 2017

Black Pigeon Speaks? Only nameless political Youtuber I watch.

29 04 2017

Negatory. None of you will be able to guess accurately the YTer in question in a thousand years.

29 04 2017

” I suppose the reason I was suspected is because I’m a bean head, and the stolen coffee is expensive and exotic.” – who is going to steal the cheap crud?

30 04 2017

Especially now, now that we’re in the era of bean heads.

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