Opiate of the Asses

30 04 2017


H/T Twitchy.

You’re so wrapped up in all this progressivetard stack/intersectionality/SJW bullshit that you’re going to forget that you have a union to lead and union members whose interests need defending, and then you’ll wonder why your union and its power is a shell of its former self.  Let me put it another way:  You’re so intoxicated on issues like “trans inclusive health care” that you can’t see the neoliberals and Davis Guggenheim types in your own tent pulling your own rug from under your feet.

This is Frances Fox Piven of Cloward-Piven Strategy fame.  That’s the silly crackpot strategy where they figured they could overwhelm a moderately pervasive and encompassing welfare system so that it forced the politicians’ hand into enacting full-on statism and central economic planning.  Though I don’t see how the latter system would work any better when you have people who think it’s a good idea to spam, flood and overwhelm the former system that way.




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