Sunday Wrap-Up

30 04 2017


* This evidently was not the corner of happy and healthy.

* Naw, man, not our Travon.

* “You only screen people so much, you know?”  That’s right, because if you do, Fair Housing Act.  And also don’t forget there’s an extra special layer of social justice warfare afoot against AirBnB and its hosts, because of all the non-troversy about AirBnB hosts “discriminating,” i.e. not wanting ghetto undertow blacks as guests.

* A tale of demographic lag:  Florissant, which has been getting more and more black over a lot of years, now has its first black alderman.

* As North County gets blacker, it, too, will be the subject of x number of shootings/murders in a given night or weekend kind of stories.

* Berkeley is full of pimps and hoes.  That’s all you needed to say.

* The Pokemon Go fad has worn out, but felony offenses have a much longer statute of limitations.

As you look at the suspects’ mugs, the salt and pepper team, it only confirms my theory that, until there are drastic changes in society, there won’t be a race war.

* Believe it or not, The Temptations are still going.  In spite of a very recent loss.  That must mean Otis Williams is still living.


* “Strange new respect.”

Prediction:  Whenever we have the next Republican Party president after Trump, whether it immediately proceeds Trump or there’s a Democrat or two or eight in between, the leading Democrats of the day (of which Nancy Pelosi will still be one) will get on TV and proclaim her strange new respect for Donald Trump.


* Because intersectionality and progressivetard stack.

* Go figure.  One person’s preference is another person’s phobia.

* One of Gorsuch’s first decisions.  Even if OCGE continues to disappoint, it will all have been worth it for Sessions and Gorsuch alone.

Once again, IQ doesn’t matter, unless it’s a black murderer trying to get out of the death house.

* How much do you want to bet that this school quasi-officially peddles Islam?

* It’s getting to be so obvious that, when anything really weird pops off in the Minneapolis area, my WRPT will auto-magically zone in on Somalia.


* The Bell Curve, French translation.


* Cool.  Expect some very dope Saturn ring porn, very soon.

* Group brain synchrony is real.  Though the caveat here, I think, is to think that it could happen if you assemble any random group of people.  In reality, the research subjects were already somewhat alike before they started the study.

* In accordance with my new hobby, I’m now more worried about hash browns contaminating golf balls than the other way around.

* He doesn’t get it.  The worm is the lunch.

If he doesn’t like eating worms, then he better not ever try to pledge a frat.

* Sequitur — People who belong to non-lamestream political parties have non-boring sex lives.

* Read carefully, and you’ll find that the Jeb!/Jeter group won the bidding process, and they were in competition with another group that involved one of Mitt Romney’s sons.  There must be a serious inter-family rivalry between the Bushes and Romneys brewing, because early last week, I read an article that the Republican Primary for Colorado Governor next year will feature as heavyweights a Bush relative and a Romney relative, though neither man has those surnames.

* Turns out some people’s paranoia actually wasn’t.




One response

30 04 2017
Alex the Goon

Gorsuch – Much as I hate to say it, McConnell and the entire Repube Senate own the Gorsuch Credit, for holding his seat open. Still, several years worth of 5-4 “victories” of common sense rulings are nothing to celebrate, as we still have 70 years of Losing to win back. Even if our lead increases to 6-3 and all of “our” guys stay on the right side of the pillow, the next Leftist could stack the court the way FDR wanted to.
The worm is the lunch – SecEd still hasn’t rescinded Michel’s lunch menu yet?

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