Another One of These “Motive Unclear” Deals

1 05 2017



RPP is a little more certain on motive.




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2 05 2017
Nicholas Stix

Slager copped a plea in the federal case. His lawyer’s office sent me a press release ten minutes ago, which I posted at my blog.

2 05 2017

OT Today Rush Limbaugh said the bravest thing he’s ever said. “You’re going to have to get rid of the Chamber of Commerce” When he was talking about draining the swamp.

2 05 2017

Good, but I’d like to think about something other than swamps right about now.

Even though I’ve done all the grunt work I can handle today, in the morning, so I’ll be doing white collar volunteering this afternoon. Like yesterday.

2 05 2017
2 05 2017

True, every news outlet I follow is avoiding that story like the plague.

3 05 2017
3 05 2017
3 05 2017

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