You Don’t Say

1 05 2017


No kidding.

I’d like to think I have a sixth sense about things.

Then again, I have to pull myself back and remember that there’s really no such thing as a sixth sense. What “sixth sense” really is, is our way of comforting ourselves in describing what is, as Rush Limbaugh puts it, our own intelligence guided by experience. Or should that be experience guided by intelligence? Better than that, it could be an as-yet uncoined English language noun to describe the mashup of intelligence and experience that seems to give those who are capable it the powers of clairvoyance.

Anyway, my sixth sense was telling me last night to surrender to the sandman early, in order to get as much sleep as I can, as I had the feeling in the back of my mind that today would be the kind of day when skimping on sleep would put me at a severe disadvantage. What was activating my sixth sense was all the flooding from this weekend’s deluge.

My sixth sense was 180 on the dartboard. This morning before leaving for the salt mines, I, and presumably all the cool kid account executives, got a message that for most if not all of this week, the firm is going on hiatus, with full knowledge of our clients, so that we can volunteer for flood relief. So I got out of my cool kid account executive dress clothes, got into jeans, work shirt and boots, and gave this blog’s good friend, Puggg, a call, (if you don’t know, Puggg is with the JCSO), to put myself at his service. He then told me to bring whatever I thought I would need to be functional for several days, just in case I wouldn’t be able to make it back to the other side of the Meramec for all the closed bridges. Remember December 2015 into January 2016? As I write this, they’ll soon close Gravois and Tesson, and 55, Lemay/Jeffco and Telegraph are going to be iffy.

So I did just that.  I’ll be Puggg’s roommate in his Arnold mansion, joining his three pugs, until the need for volunteers has passed.  I won’t volunteer to be the fourth pug — I don’t think I’d be able to pass for a pug.

My volunteering today was part grunt and part mickey mouse, and my inability to do more grunt work than I did only served to instruct me how out of shape I am, how I’ve inexcusably let myself go, and how I need more agility and fewer pounds.




4 responses

1 05 2017
1 05 2017

I heard that.

Just for that, I’m going to make you eat a dog biscuit.

Of course, it’s a fate you can avoid if you promise for old times sake to hop on some bikes and pop a few wheelies on top of the school to prison pipeline.

2 05 2017

Same situation here in Indy, did some flood related grunt work and spent the next day cringing every time I moved. So out of shape and a year or two younger than you at that. I quit smoking in February, so that helped a little. Now let me tell you how great vaping is and how it helped me quit smoking…just kidding, all it does is make the intolerable barely tolerable.

2 05 2017

Late breaking: The other three bridges between Arnold and South County will close around midnight. Which means the Meramec River is about to become a Berlin Wall for a few days, and with lots of rain forecasted for tomorrow, a few days might be a few longer than we think. After I’m done with my volunteering today, I’m headed back home, and will find some way to volunteer on that side of the river.

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