Heckler Vetoed

2 05 2017


ESPN/SJW/MLB, soon to be joined by the dork in Orlando with a fax machine, and The Undefeated with a 10,000-word long form, declare social justice jihad against drunken hecklers.

The real social justicey thing to do would be to raise ticket and concession prices high enough so that fans with spunk and spirit can’t afford to go, and therefore, all you’ll have in the stands are boring, listless, phone zombie corporate types.  Because combating racism.




4 responses

2 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Gosh, that sounds terrible. But at least black players have a safe space to pee. WHEN WILL TRANNIES HAVE A SAFE SPACE IN BAHSTON?!?!? WHEN!

3 05 2017

There’s an article that Drudge links to in the Boston Globe today. It’s paywalled for me, no matter how I try to access it. It’s supposed to be more zomg historical racism porn, a swipe at Boston’s history.

I bet the these two things, among many others, are mentioned:

* Dapper O’Neil
* The anti-deseg riots of the mid-1970s

3 05 2017
5 05 2017
Nicholas Stix

A lefty lie about Bill Russell is doing the rounds. Russell was the racist to little white kids who treated him like God, but the truth isn’t useful.

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