Today’s Anarchy Stack Is Brought to You By the Letter P

2 05 2017

Philadelphia;  Portland, Oregon

Antifas delude themselves, and try to fool everyone else, into thinking that they’re some sort of Davids fighting Goliath.  In reality, they are Goliath’s unofficial militia.  Antifa thrives in places where politicians, academics and authorities give them their tacit blessing.  Which is why Berkeley, California is their world headquarters.  More than that, Antifa is, with perhaps a few layers of built-in plausible deniability, the way that The Powers That Be, including ((())), make sure that nationalism doesn’t get too out of hand.

Which is why when Antifas in Philly do things like this, they really mess up.  That’s because they’re turning on their masters.  You’re not supposed to be hurting these people, you stupid ass Antifas, you’re supposed to be taking orders from these people by running out to the middle of bum fucked nowhere and beating up on some young white people who don’t have two nickels to rub together.

Also, some of the May Day celebrants in Portland, another Antifa hotbed, have been bagged and tagged:

And something should jump right out at you.  It’s something I have come to figure out about Antifas, SJWs, and modern-day hard leftists in general.

It’s all about the oldest hustle in existence:  The pursuit of sex.

SJW men tend to be beta or lower males who are mad that the hot girls won’t check for them. Therefore, they channel their sexual frustration into social justice warriorism. This is how they pawn the blame for that off on the supposed *-isms/*-phobias of the girls that won’t give them the time of day and the greater society that all are a part of.

Likewise, SJW women, homely as they are, are mad that rich powerful successful men won’t check for them, and pick hot blondes instead of trigglypuffs. Therefore, they latch onto SJWism/feminism because they’re trying to affix themselves to important choke points of cultural and social power to force society to redefine feminine beauty away from Melania Knauss and towards Trigglypuff. So that Donald Trump will give his credit cards to Trigglypuff instead of Melania Knauss.

Like I’ve been saying, what seems to be new is nothing more than a new spin on old.




One response

4 05 2017

Have the names been released? A real question is how gay is antifa. It has the level of hysteria that you usually only see among gays and Jews. And as far as gay Jews go, well . . .

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