1100 Yards

3 05 2017


The distance between site of the gunfire which the cops think caused the grazing and Busch Stadium is about 1100 yards.

1100 yards, as the crow flies.  Or, in this case, as the bullet flies.

So, it’s very plausible.

14th and Chouteau is one of the entrances to the Clinton-Peabody.  Guess.




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3 05 2017

Someone formerly in city law enforcement told me today shooting into the air for fun is very common in Peabody and other ghetto neighborhoods. I had heard about that years ago on New Year’s Eve, but I didn’t know it was more commonplace.

3 05 2017

And an overwhelming majority of such shooting-for-fun is never called on or reported.

3 05 2017

1100 yards?
A handgun?
Need info on slug – there is a class of rifle/pistols possibly capable but………..

4 05 2017


See the link below. .40 handgun round.

OTOH, if the muzzle velocity is 1200 ft/sec, it’s also 400 yards/sec. The gravitational constant translated into yards is -10.72 yd/sec^2, meaning that whatever angle it’s fired from, it will be in the air for 74.6 seconds. Which means its average velocity relative to the ground over those 74.6 seconds will be 14.7 yards/sec, because we know it did travel 1100 yards. And, considering it came out of the barrel at 400 yards/sec, yeah, it can travel 1100 yards before landing.

My bet is that ook fired upward at around a 60 degree angle relative to the ground.

4 05 2017

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