German Cultural Society

4 05 2017


Celebrating Cherokee Street’s culture?

No, not its historical German one.  They’re talking about its superficial current one.

If the pic of that particular area looks familiar, it should — It was on the front of Drudge in October.

I find it ironic that this celebration is being used to raise money to repair bouncyball courts around there.  Bouncyball attracts dindus, yet this is a Mexican celebration, and the unstated and taboo purpose of importing Mexicans and letting them plant themselves on the corner of Cherokee and California is to have a counterbalance to the black undertow, in that the Mexicans will combat the dindus in ways that gelding whites in the city are unwilling to do.




2 responses

4 05 2017

I’d be pleased to take a few of them on if the state would allow open carry.

5 05 2017

Good job St. Louis. Substituting one plague for another.

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