Nine Number Nails

4 05 2017

Around the Metro

Why has violent crime on the MissingLink gotten worse lately?

Other than the fact that dindus finna dindu.

As it turns out, there’s a specific and bureaucratic reason.

Only in Amurrika.

It has to do with haggling over a nine-digit number on a piece of paper.

The net result has been that the transit security isn’t into enforcement these days, and the undertow, aware of this, is filling the void and using the opportunity to be all ook-y and sheeyt.

Yeah, I read this poem before.  It starts like this:  “For the want of a nail.”

Or, maybe it’s the saying that starts, “Fools rush in.”




2 responses

4 05 2017

Just in case you missed the song reference.

7 05 2017
Dr Duke

I thought the 9 digit number would have a $ and be on a budget.
It is an even dumber reason.

“I wonder if they might have claims against Metro and St. Louis County,” said Thomas Harvey, executive director of ArchCity Defenders, a public interest law firm that represents low-income people, including the homeless.

You can just hear the “cha-ching” noise and $$ that showed up in his eyes when he said this. I am sure those claims would have to be shared with a worthy public interest law firm.

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