The Real TALA Doctrine

4 05 2017

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Starting about 18 years ago, my mother started complaining that, to her, new cars looked so much alike that she couldn’t tell one from another.  (“They’re all pregnant roller skates!” — Mom)

I obviously demurred.

I think mom was 18 years ahead of her time.

As the “proud” owner of a 2015 Chevy Impala, because of selection bias, my eyes glom on to other Impalas of the current generation.  In recent months, I saw a sudden spike of them.  Except they’re not all Impalas.  It’s just that just about every middle class mid to mid-high end non-luxury marque sedan now looks alike.

The current generation of the Impala, the 2017 Chrysler 200, the Nissan Altima, the Ford Taurus, the Toyota Avalon — You can’t tell one from another on a cursory glance, or even a long stare.  You literally need to see the badge or the grille.

I can see how this is going to be useful to the thieves.  Just steal an Impala, and swap out everything on the exterior from Chevy to Chrysler, and presto chango, a Chrysler 200.  The cops will be none the wiser.




10 responses

4 05 2017

Audi RS7, another look alike.

4 05 2017
David In TN

I’ve got a 2016 Dodge Charger.

4 05 2017

One of the few four door sedans that don’t look alike. The current gen Honda Accord, ditto.

4 05 2017

2001 Honda CR-V SE……comes with a picnic table.

4 05 2017

I think the keg was standard equipment with that generation of the CR-V.

5 05 2017
Joshua Sinistar

The fake gubmint wants you to believe the sparse selection is due to “environmentally” friendly vehicle design. Actually MPG regs make these junkpiles into unsafe aluminum foil like death-traps. The singular designs of yesteryear were due to the imagination of White guys hired by White guys like Henry Ford. Today they have a commitment to “divershitty” and these cut-and-paste morons just put together the standard parts of a Chinese or Mexican Catalog into the Model G junkmobile. Like the scene in Back to the Future where Doc Brown says, “Marty, he’s in a ’46 Ford, we’re in a DeLorean. He’d rip through us like we were tin foil.” Safety my ass. That crumple zone goes all the way to your crotch and requires a huge mechanism called the “jaws of life” to take you out of a cheap foreign-made pile of lemony snicket crapola.

5 05 2017

The race to the bottom continues.

5 05 2017
David In TN

The best thing about a Dodge is the Grille, which stands out.

6 05 2017

Though I wish FCA would update the grille on Ram trucks.

7 05 2017
Dr Duke

It seems the big 3 are in a race to see who can have the tallest grille on a pick up.

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