We Can’t Drive 55

4 05 2017


While the immediate focus of the news about Interstate 55 is several miles to the south, thanks to that problematic stream, there was an outbreak of vibrancy along 55 in South City yesterday.

As you will read, this is just the latest in many outbreaks along 55 in the city in recent months.

It used to be that 70 through the city was the Russian Roulette drag around here.  Now it’s 55.  Not coincidentally, 55, especially between 3200 South Broadway and Loughborough, traverses through or close to neighborhoods that have been becoming more vibrant in the last 30 years.




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4 05 2017

It’s obviously poverty. The shooter was driving a Cadillac CTS.

4 05 2017

Speaking of the problematic river, 55 is back open in both directions. And this new bout of rain isn’t going to increase the crest of the Meramec at Arnold, but what it will do is keep it high, a foot to two below the crest, through today, tomorrow and the weekend, not starting to fall in a big way until mid-Monday.

5 05 2017
Dale Gribble

On I55 in South City back in the day you only had to worry about the occasional car bombing from a Middle Eastern gang war

30 05 2017
Play a Stupid Game, Win a Stupid Prize | Countenance Blog

[…] that time was that you took your life into your hands when you drove I-70 through St. Louis City, but in recent months, I-55 through the city has been the really dangerous drag.  This happened just an eyelash north of […]

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