“Personal Matters”

5 05 2017

Hyde Park



The women told police that Crawford had started talking about how distraught he was over “personal matters.”

What might those be?

August 24, 2014:

He’s 25, went to University City High School and works at a bistro on the Delmar Loop. He’s a waiter, a roller skater and a father of three.

And further down, you will read that he lived with his mother, and, reading between the lines in today’s article, was still doing so.

My bet is that “personal matters” were that baby mammas were hounding him for child support.




6 responses

5 05 2017
Rev. Right

He was a father of four, actually. But’s that’s our problem now.

6 05 2017

lol, that was always our Problem. Reason for old african saying which Hillary Clanton jez luvz “it takes a village to raise a child” is because they ain’t no fathers over in africa. Never has been, never will be. Squirt once & gone. Even the mothers don’t have a clue who’s squirt “scored”. African females have had a parade of village men enjoying their charms on a daily basis since the dawn of time. This cultural trait is so encoded in the sub-saharan DNA after many millenia of cultural gang-banging that even blacks not born in africa don’t have fathers, just Squirters.

5 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Waiter in a bistro? Roller skater? I’m guessing the downlow life got him down.

5 05 2017

Another YT-hating dread, I mean dead spook. Winning.

5 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Speaking of winning, Trump “You’re Fired” the WHITE House chief usher, an old negress with a haircut misappropriated from a Hitlerjungen boy. It’s not The Wall, it’s not a Muslim Ban, it’s not 40 million wetbacks deported; but I’ll take it.

7 05 2017
Robert Browning

The usher screwed up the Easter Egg role to embarrass Melania.

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