All Important Third Barrier

7 05 2017


Of course I would have wanted to see MLP win outright.  But that was a long shot.

I was actually thinking she’d break 40%.  No on that count, either.

But here’s the good news:

If she winds up getting 35%, and I’ll come back later and insert the actual number, she will have almost doubled the previous record for the percentage of the national vote cast for a FN candidate.  She herself holds that record, when she got 17.9% five years ago in the first round, though that was only good for third place, and she obviously didn’t make the runoff.  That figure in turn slightly beats her father’s share of the national vote in the runoff when he made it ten years prior.

Here’s the more important thing.

She passed one-third.

There’s an old saying that if a cause which previously had less support makes it above one-third public support, it’s inevitable, while a cause which previously had high public support falls below one-third, it’s never coming back and will soon die.




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8 05 2017

Similarly, HRC won 87% in Manhattan and 91% in Washington, D.C. It’s the same dynamic at work, the bellcurveization of large prosperous cities and how it plays into rampant and burgeoning inequality.

8 05 2017

P-D front page today:

Makes you wonder why the mainline paper in St. Louis cares about France that much. Of course it’s obvious: They want to rub it in that MLP didn’t win.

8 05 2017

An analysis that only a delusional normiecon living in his normiecon ideological bubble could offer:

He does get something right close to the end.

8 05 2017
8 05 2017

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