Do As We Say (Don’t Notice What We Do)

7 05 2017


Et tu, Samantha Bee?

From the original article:

The mayor has expressed support for school diversity, but he also has said the city must respect parents’ real-estate investments (a statement that at least one P.S. 452 parent repeated this week), while Chancellor Carmen Fariña has warned against forcing integration “down people’s throats.”

You might be scratching your head, wondering where this concern was when you were in the line of fire.  But you have to remember that elitist hypocrisy is a feature and not a bug when you’re part of the elite.  The list of things that the Gotham elite can get away with that they won’t allow anyone else to is pretty long.  Along with this, two I can think of off top are police use of SQF, and extensive IQ testing for public school slotting and admissions.




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7 05 2017
7 05 2017
David In TN

“Well-off liberals choose mostly white schools.”

Remember when NRO’s resident cuck David French was mulling over an offer from Bill Kristol to run a third party campaign against Donald Trump? French made the same concession in one of his columns-“The area were I live is mostly white.”

Yeah right. I live about a half hour away from French. His neighborhood is VERY affluent. He lives in a mansion. Twenty-thirty years ago, the area was sparsely settled. It was and still is one of the whitest areas in Maury County.

A private school was founded there, which French’s children, bio and adopted, attend. People send their children there to avoid the public schools.

“Mostly white” indeed.

7 05 2017

3 kids in NYC – public school saved them 120-150K a year. Now, open up that checkbook Sam. My heart bleeds! Damn that ketchup stain!

9 05 2017

Translation: The kikes do not want niggers or other non-white goyim attending their children’s schools.

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