Sunday Wrap-Up

7 05 2017


* I’ve been around.  So I’ve known for a long time that “massage” is a code word.

But this?  This is ridiculous.

* Hmph, I wonder why they chose Ferguson.

Wake me up when the news hits of the next major violent crime on the MissingLink.

* You’re going to announce this in the immediate aftermath of severe flooding.  Yet another piece of development in a river valley.  Great timing, people.

With a healthy dose of racial pandering and pathological altruism on top of it.  “Busing program.”  Where have we heard that before?

* What is overlooked in this tragedy? The carjacking dindu/yoots.

* They should use caution, not just during elevated water levels. Carlyle is a treacherous lake all the time.

That said, I wonder if these higher water levels this week impacted one of my favorite courses around here, that being Governor’s Run.


* Potemkin Amurrika, circa current year.

* They’re a good lot of people to have on your side as we transition to the post-democratic era.

On top of that, ole Warren Wilhelm is NOT going to want to force them to decide between he and Trump.

* Whether or not this is facially true misses the point.  Even if it is true, it doesn’t matter, because almost 100% of black political energy accrues to the benefit of leniency in the criminal justice system, especially towards black defendants. The same point can be made on immigration — Black voters may reject the open borders agenda, but almost all of the politicians they vote for are open borders.

* WRPT was “Girls arrested…school melee.”  That’s all I needed.  Icing on the cake was “wig fell off,” though I know that it’s weave, not wig.

All in all, we’re dealing with Testosteronesha.

* Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

“Whaddaya mean, Blogmeister?”

They think the Federal investigation will mean bad things for the cops.  In reality, it’s more likely to mean bad things for the robbers.  Remember, the Feds are increasingly claiming jurisdiction over the armed robberies of businesses using the Hobbs Act.  (“Interfering with interstate commerce through robbery or extortion.”).  Then there’s the question of whether any of the participants were previously convicted felons, and if they were in possession of firearms.

* So, she loves her some smack.

From the looks of all 27 years old of her, I also figure her for a crystal meth connoisseur.

* The black undertow is trying to ruin Craigslist, so ISIS might as well get in on the vibrant fun.


* Tough titty, city kitty.  Social justice is social justice.  Besides, you’re nothing but a TERF.

* Men are thought to be the horn dogs, but why is it there is a strong correlation between feminism and sexual permissiveness?


* Yes, you do want to be sitting down before you take this in.

The irony is that “Oriental” as a synonym for “East Asian” is definitely passe and a borderline pejorative as of now.

* I don’t want to belabor the point, or join the fray.  I just want to point out that, in a game that rewards violent physicality, the player rosters won’t exactly be full of symphony orchestra conductors and museum curators.  And that’s putting aside the race angle for a moment.

* The first Saturn porn from Cassini venturing inside the rings.  For now, we only get closeups of Saturn’s clouds.

* It won’t rewrite history that much.  We know that the ancient Romans and the Chinese of the time were familiar with each other, even if the information and intelligence was rather rough around the edges, and there was some light trade and diplomatic exchange.




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7 05 2017
8 05 2017
egregious philbin

“The NAACP has been fighting tirelessly to get more cultural sensitivity in Waterbury & all throughout the state” — why can’t the NAACP build homes tirelessly or do something useful instead of harassing white people.

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