Dynamo of Bell Curve City

8 05 2017


Makes an appearance today, it does.

For noobs:  What I mean by “dynamo of bell curve city” is the logical biconditional that often presents in the ghetto.

If A causes B and is caused by B at the same time, while B causes A and is caused by A at the same time, if A and B are close to each other, and either one happens, then they’ll both keep happening in perpetuity.

In symbolic form:

A <=> B

A = Black violence

B = Black funerals or memorial services



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9 05 2017


This story, when you actually read it, is almost entirely about this incident. But the headline and most of the first paragraph play it off in a diversionary way.

But that raises more questions than provides answers.

Are we supposed to be fearful that the gang bangers have increasingly higher powered armaments? Especially when we’re told not even to care about their crime because they mostly confine it to their own troublemakers. Are we supposed to be impressed that the CPD issued a press release? They can’t lay a finger on the ooks, because all the lesbian weave heads in BLM will bitch a fit if they do. Are we supposed to overlook that because the CPD still has a functioning PR staff that can write and issue press releases? And then there’s the matter of what’s in this press release. Are we supposed to think that the CPD is effective because they’re kvetching about the precise kinds of firearms and ammunition that the gangs are now turning to? That’s actually the point, because the ook is beyond accountability and untouchable, the only “safe” political channel that official Chicago can route its anger about black crime is to be angry at the guns. That’s because the black grandmothers of black gang bangers can and often do vote in Chicago elections, while the NRA is not a factor at all in Chicago politics.

23 05 2017
Dynamo of Bell Curve City | Countenance Blog

[…] For noobs, here’s what I mean by the title of this post. […]

25 11 2019
Jewelry Rings

Jewelry Rings

Dynamo of Bell Curve City | Countenance Blog

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