All Is Right With the World

9 05 2017

That’s more like it.




4 responses

9 05 2017
High Arka

I’ve noticed that cryptos and shabbos goys who try to keep our attention focused on Africans, rather than on African-importers, are far more likely to be sportsball and/or network television fans. Cernonvich, Taylor, Landry, and Spencer come to mind. I understand pushing this stuff if you’re crypto, but if not, is the money really that good?

9 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Some guys just like baseball. Besides, the league’s “africans” are mostly afro-caribbeaners, not american n-words. And certainly not the plate-lipped spear-chuckers, which the NFL and NBA are wont to import directly.

10 05 2017
High Arka

Hey man, thanks for the surprisingly civil reply. My confusion doesn’t stem from the genetic stock of the player-base, but rather, the larger notions of traditionalism integrated into this whole “alt right” thing, as contra “bread and circuses.” Even in some hypothetical future white ethnostate, I’d still enjoy playing sports myself, and I still wouldn’t give a damn about goys who played it for money in front of crowds of people they didn’t know who were sitting on their asses drinking beer and eating carbs. Wasn’t it part of this whole anti-universalist thing that we were going to stop feeding the Hollywood/sportsball cartels?

10 05 2017

if a Spork ain’t totally african dominated (like Feetzball ‘n Bakkaball) we don’t give a darn about it. Only good sporks r black sporks. LEarned that watching EPSN :)

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