Poo’ Party

9 05 2017

Pompano Beach, Florida

I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now, but in case you haven’t, Sab and Hoft will tell you all you need to know.  Though I don’t buy for one minute that he really succumbed to his guilty conscience.  It was just a matter of, as you’ll read in Sab’s version, that 4chan and /pol/ outed and doxxed him, so he figured he’d better turn himself in before the cops do it for him.

Question:  Why do African Rockfish even go to pool parties?




8 responses

9 05 2017
9 05 2017

Suspect’s condition of juvenile bond is that he’s home confined except for school, church, and bouncyball practice.

Hello? It’s May. School bouncyball season is over.

9 05 2017

Please tell us that’s a joke? Let me guess, he’s affiliated with one of those “travelling team” outfits?

9 05 2017

Not a joke.

9 05 2017
Alex the Goon

So as long as he’s bouncing a bouncyball anywhere in public, he’s “”at practice””.
“Why do they go to pool parties?” The floating turd in the pool is always funny to the POS who put it there.

9 05 2017

I missed it, but one of the girls egged this whole thing on. Also this happened at one of those apartment complexes with a pool, so it’s probably some resident there on Section 8 who organized a pool party, put flyers out all over the ghetto, and hired a DJ.

Broward County is actually way more ghetto-y and dindu-y than Miami-Dade County.

9 05 2017

The victim looks like a jewess. The nose knows.

14 05 2017
Nicholas Stix

“I missed it, but one of the girls egged this whole thing on.”

They’ve got an exemption. Much of the time, a girl is behind these incidents, up to and including murder, but they are almost never prosecuted.

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