You’ll Never Guess

9 05 2017


Guess his age.

Guess his first name.

Don’t click this until you have.




9 responses

9 05 2017

Isn’t that the name of one of the holy figures of the Narn?

9 05 2017

He’s close enough in age that one could view his name as a reference to G’Quan.

9 05 2017

How would you even pronounce that?

9 05 2017
Alex the Goon

Lucky for him, all of his classmates are too stupid to know what an M-R is.

10 05 2017

He’s proud to be a M’RQuan and now he’s running free.

11 05 2017

He doesn’t go anywhere and doesn’t drink, but the picture she gives the press of him was taken in Hooters. Interesting choice.

11 05 2017

I highly doubt he ever gets carded, because he looks 35.

Which is one of my points.

BTW, Microsoft’s face photo/age estimation service figures he’s 46.

15 05 2017
Dr Duke

Please tell that name is pronounced Moron.

30 05 2017

I guessed 17.

But not M’RQuan .

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