Damned for an Explanation (Wicked Racial Profiling Trick)

12 05 2017

Fort Myers, Florida

WFTX-Fox-4 (Naples, Fla.):

Local parents are outraged after students are caught on camera ‘twerking’ and giving male students lap dances inside a classroom. The incident reportedly happened at Success Academy, an alternative school in Fort Myers.

Now parents want to know how administrators could let this happen.

As if the first two paragraphs don’t already provide you enough hints.

But if you need one more:




2 responses

13 05 2017
dale gribble

(((Naples))) is the SWPL haven of SW Florida and Ft Myers is its Feguson

22 05 2017

As the school’s names suggests, they are working on their success. Not everyone can be a doctor or an attorney, some of us are just meant to be strippers.

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