He’s Still Got It

12 05 2017

The best selling album (all genres) in the country last week.

About a year ago, Loretta Lynn dropped an album, and it sold well, too, and got a lot of buzz in the music awards show.  NARAS had it up for the Grammy for best country album back in February, and IIRC, it finished second in Academy member voting.

If the Silent Generation pop and rock stars are seeing their careers extend well into their elderly years, the same seems to be true on the country side.  (Willie Nelson 84, Loretta Lynn 85)




2 responses

14 05 2017

Its high quality, and its really her. Age matters not in Country. Its the last music that belongs to everybody, all the time.

14 05 2017

Kenny Rogers is 78, a wee lad by comparison, and he’s still going, though I understand this will be his last year doing any touring.

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