Fun With Headlines, Local Crime Stack Edition

14 05 2017

It’s been about a year of Sundays since I’ve done a Fun With Headlines.  Since I’ve tagged them all with the “Fun With Headlines” tag, I see that September 2012 was the last time I did one.  Then again, I was rather involved in the fall of 2012.

4:  19 shot in wave of violence since Saturday in St. Louis

How many would be shot in wave of nonviolence?

P-D:  St. Louis robbery victim pulls gun, shoots robber in buttocks

Shot in the ass, and he’s to blame.

2:  Bicyclist critically injured in drive-by shooting

Oh for it to be a bike-by shooting, just to complete the irony circle.

4:  Man charged in St. Louis-area crime spree that ended in him being shot

Getting shot does seem to stop crime sprees.

2:  ‘Motor Scooter Bandit’ committing armed robberies in south county – Police

They better catch him before he pulls a motor scooter-by shooting.

2:  Bystander wounded by stray bullet; police looking for intended victims

After that, they better go and arrest that bullet.

4:  2 men charged in fatal North County shooting arrested in Tennessee

Cops in Tennessee saw they were wanted on St. Louis County, Missouri warrants, and Tennesseein’ was Tennbelievin’.

4:  Man gets 30 years in prison for hammer attack

Ferguson, one year before Ferguson became Ferguson.




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16 05 2017

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